Mama, I can clap

At seven months Briana started bringing her hands together in what resembled a clapping motion. She is now seven and a half months and happily clapping at any opportunity. She looks very proud about herself when she sees our encouraging reaction. We have been practicing clapping along to the German children’s song ‘Backe, backe Kuchen’. Now it seems that she wants me to sing the song when she claps, testing action and reaction.

Clapping just like waving hello and good bye are gestures that we naturally teach our children. Using signs when we communicate is simply taking this a good step further.

The clapping motion is a good preparation for symmetrical two handed signs such as the sings for ‘more’, ‘hurt’ and ‘ball’.

Bringing the hands together at the center of the body assists in mid-line alignment which is important for balance. This motion also promotes left (logical) and right (intuitive) brain hemispheres working together.



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