Give your baby a chance to sign

When I gave Briana her lunch today I had forgotten to put her water on the table. I fed her a few spoons of her food and then she signed ‘drink’ as if she’s always been doing this. I’ve been using the sign pretty much since she has started eating solid food (from 6 months) but she has never actively used it. And to be honest there has not really been a need for her to use it, because I probably offered more water than she wanted. Sometimes we need to give our children a chance to sign.

She has also had a good go at the sign for ‘more’ and when we went for a walk today (she was tilted all the way back in her stroller ready to go to sleep), our neighbour walked past and said hello. When Briana heard me say ‘hello’ back she started waving even though she could not see the neighbour and I had not waved at him. I first thought it was a coincidence that she made a waving motion right at that moment but she did it again when her big brother came home and when we saw the grandparents on Skype. That’s three new signs in one day (two days before she’ll be 9 months). I’m chuffed my little princess.

If you are as curious as I am to find out which sign she will add next, keep following …



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