Welcome to the world little sister!

On Sunday 26 February I gave birth to our sweet little daughter Briana Elin. What a miraculous moment this very first meeting, the very first touch skin on skin and then holding her; welcoming her into the world. For a second time, precious emotions never to be forgotten.

It was a very conscious and positive birth experience which left me with enough energy to enjoy and embark on the wonderful journey of bonding with Briana straight away.

I had prepared Briana’s big brother, Tristan (3.5), as well as I could for her arrival and he seemed very excited about her ‘coming out’ soon. Of course you never know how an older sibling will react until the moment of that first encounter arrives. We were quite sure that he would give her a warm welcome and I was curious to see what he would say or do.

When Tristan walked into the room, seeing his little sister in his dad’s arms, he decided to greet her with signing ‘brother’; sending shivers of joy down my spine. I asked him if he remembered the sign for sister which he didn’t but he wanted me to show him. Then he also signed ‘sister’ to Briana. What a sensitive little boy I thought.

I had explained to him that it will take a while until Briana will be able to speak. He had not used his signs much since he turned two because he mastered his two spoken languages well enough by then. Realising that his sister will not be able to speak, he’s been practicing his signs again in preparation for the big day. Whilst we are still in the hospital, Tristan is with his grandparents in Germany teaching his grandma lots of signs to prepare her for ‘baby communication’ as well. It’s wonderful to see him so involved.

That’s it for now, back to giving my full attention to my lovely daughter.



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