Benefits of baby sign language

Baby signing…

  • enables your baby to communicate wants, needs and interests long before she can speak
  • lowers frustration for you and your child, because your baby can communicate in a way you can understand
  • gives you an insight into your child’s thoughts, allowing you to form a stronger bond from an earlier age
  • helps you to feel more confident and relaxed about your parenting

But the benefits of baby sign language don’t stop there, research shows that your child can gain many intellectual and emotional benefits from signing, such as:

  • faster vocabulary acquisition
  • enhanced literacy
  • more interest in learning
  • higher IQ scores
  • increased self-esteem
  • enhanced ability to express feelings at a very early age

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From my own experience I know that dads (grandparents and close friends) may be skeptical about signing which may put some mums off even trying. I don’t want you to miss out on the fun, so I have included some detailed research results as well as other mums’ heart warming signing experiences in the ebook.

By the way, skeptics generally come around once they see their daughter, son, grandchild, god child, … use the first sign to communicate with them.

For skeptical dads: here is what a ‘baby-signing-dad’ says about his experience.