Disneyland Paris – lots of tips for your trip with little children

After nearly one year and one hour of waiting there he was, Mickey Mouse himself, giving my son the long awaited hug. Tristan had been asking us to go and visit Mickey Mouse and all of his other Disney friends for a very long time and we told him to keep dreaming about it and that one day it will happen.

Then one day my husband found an offer for a 4 day stay at half price which made the trip affordable and so we did not hesitate and booked. We had an absolutely amazing time and Tristan was over the moon with seeing so many of his friends and getting hugs from not only Mickey but also from Eeyore and Goofy. Briana was so excited that she hardly napped.


We went on our trip without any tips from anyone who had been there before and I have learned a few things that would have been valuable to know before leaving. So I decided to share these things with you and maybe they’ll come in handy one day. As we went by car and stayed in the Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch some of the tips are specific to that, however, most tips are pretty general.

Recommended length of stay

The package we booked included 4 days at Disneyland including parking and 3 nights at the Ranch. We definitely recommend to have at least 2 full days and one half day at the park, you can easily fill more days and still not have seen everything. We used our first day to travel to Paris and to get some food shopping done and did not make it to the park. See my recommendations for food/meals which may make a first trip to the park on the day of arrival possibile.

Children’s age

If you can avoid it, I would recommend not to go with a child who still takes naps. Nearly all of the attractions require you to leave your stroller outside, so if your child naps, there is not much you can do as a family. Of course you can always take turns. I would also recommend to wait until at least your oldest child is old enough to remember the experience.

Tips for the Disneyland park

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