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What other mamas say about my courses:

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I have wanted to write to you for a while to tell you how grateful we are for this course and just how much progress our daughter has made. She recently became sick and was able to sign to us when she needed milk when she was too weak and tired to cry or move. Also, she has started signing “all done” when she is full. She recognises many other signs incl. animals but these two are so vital to our every day lives and she uses them as though she is really talking/communicating to us. It is amazing.

Zayda, mama of Arielle, 11 months

I just wanted to say that I have very much enjoyed learning how to sign with my baby. I found the course very easy to follow, fun and encouraging! It is very satisfying to see how my 1-year-old boy does not get desperate when he wants something, mainly milk and food. He knows he can ask for it and we will understand him! It was really worth it.

Lourdes, mama of Daniel

I have been using sign language with my second child, Lina. I had not used sign language with my first, Rayan, simply because I didn’t know about it when Rayan was a baby/toddler. Before Rayan started using understandable words, he went through a phase of using more or less consistent sounds for things which would sometimes sound very funny and left a lot open to guessing on our part. This weekend, I realized Lina never did that. When I told my husband his answer was: “That’s right, she went straight to talking!” Lina just turned 2 last Friday and she speaks in small sentences. I’m pretty sure sign language has given her a head start in speech development. Karin, mama of Lina and Rayan

 I’ve just been trying to count up all of Louis’ signs. He’s 17.5 months now and I have counted 60 signs that he uses regularly. There may be others that I just haven’t thought of, but that’s what I came up with off the top of my head.

My husband and I are so delighted we started signing when he was a tiny baby and persevered for many months when he wasn’t signing back. He finally clicked at about 12 months and his signing has just taken off since then. What’s even more amazing is that he recognises all of those words in English and French and has the sign as a bridge between the two languages. He still only has about 3 spoken words so it’s an absolute relief and joy that he can communicate with us using his signs. Just had to share this with you and the other signing Mamas!

Thank you, Diana, for your infectious enthusiasm about baby signing. It really helped us to keep going for months and months before Louis actually started signing!

Grace, mama of Louis

I just completed the UYBT online signing course and I loved it! The combination of online training material, the workbook and Our Mamas Rock Café chat worked very well for me. It allows to follow the course at your own pace, while still interacting with other participants. Signing with my little girl (18 months old) and even with my big boy (5 years) has not only been helpful but also great fun! Many thanks to Diana, for sharing her knowledge with dedication and friendliness. We are looking forward to continue signing!

Karin (Rockin’ Mama), Lina and Rayan 🙂

The course gave me confidence in what I already knew, whilst giving me new tips to reinforce signing with Nadia. Completing intentions forms also helped me to actively think about signing and put theory into practice : )

Nichola, mama of Nadia

Thank you Diana for this wonderful course! I found the audio recordings were great for listening to in the car and on my phone… Truly portable and time saving! I’m also happy to report 9mo Miguel has learned to use 4 signs during this course! It took much longer for my older son to begin signing and I think UYBT was a big factor in this. Keep it up, this is a great resource!

Sandra, mama of Miguel

My 13 month old daughter and I loved the online Understand Your Baby’s Thought course! It was full of interesting information, fun activities and a structured easy-to-follow approach for a working Mama to learn signing with her baby. Thank you!!

Deirdre, mama of Giulia

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