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The course includes

  • 3 keys to signing with your baby successfully
  • How to make signing a routine
  • 5 simple signs to get started with (video recordings that show and explain the signs the videos also provide memory aids)
  • Video recordings with real life examples on how to introduce signing to your child
  • Workbook as an easy reference to the provided audio recordings
  • Sing and sign along activities
  • Various non-signing related tips for interacting with your baby
  • And: Unlimited access to the course material!




Additional bonuses

  • Access to Our Mamas Rock – Café (a private Facebook forum) In this Café you can meet with like-minded mums for mutual support and ask me any questions you may have about signing with your child
  •  eBook Wanna Rock for Your Baby? 12 Compelling Reasons to Sign with Your Hearing Child (the book includes heartwarming signing experiences told by mamas from around the world)
  • The option to sign up for the next online course My Baby can Sign (1) – I see a dog, a bird, the rain, I want a bath, my bed, my train at a special price

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How does participation work?

Online delivery

Understand Your Baby’s Thoughts is an online course, all course material is delivered via my website. You can work through the material (audio recordings, video, assignments) from the comfort of your home at a time that suits you, in other words you will not need to be infront of your computer at a certain time. To work through the course material only takes about 30 minutes per week and this can easily be split up into smaller chunks. You’ll be able to see the duration of videos and audios before even opening them.

Support of a group of like minded mums

The course provides flexibility for any parent to join (regardless of whether you are working, maybe even working irregular hours or staying  at home and regardless of which time zone you are in). At the same time the course is run as a group course so that you can meet the other participants on the course for mutual support. You can meet in Our Mamas Rock – Café (a private Facebook forum) and I encourage participants to find signing buddies via Skype or Google+ to sing and sing together and give each other motivation to keep signing even when your child is not signing back yet.

Starting date and duration

The course kicks off with an eMail on Monday, 3 February and lasts for five weeks. Every week for the duration of the course you will receive access to a new module of the course. No worries if you are not able to work through the course material in the course duration. You will have an option to extend your access. Additionally you will keep access to Our Mamas Rock – Café as long as you wish.


What is a good age to start signing with your baby?

  • A good time to start is when your child is between 6 and 9 months of age, as this is often a time when babies usually start to make attempts to communicate and make hand movements such as waving hello and goodbye. Your baby will also most likely start to sit unaided around this time, which makes things easier. If there is an older sibling, it can make sense to start earlier and to involve the older sibling in using signs with the younger brother or sister. Even children who already speak a few words can still tremendously benefit
  • If your child is around two years old and speaks very little (50 spoken words is the average vocabulary of a two year old; children who are exposed to signing generally have a larger vocabulary) signing can help to improve communication and support speech development very fast. At two years children already have a good passive understanding of language which helps with picking up signs very quickly.

Other interesting information

  • The teaching language is English, signs can be used with any spoken language.
  • Sign language provides a great bridge between different languages spoken at home

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