Are you tired of feeling tired, stressed
and depleted of energy?

Have you been meaning to make some healthy lifestyle changes but can’t find the time and don’t know where to begin? We’ll help you

Lift your energy

manage your stress

and find your healthy life balance!


Leading the busy life of a (new) mum can bring many challenges.

When you are sleep deprived, feel like you’ve got very little support or juggle work and being a mum, your self-care easily falls to the wayside.

You’re at risk of

  • holding on to your baby weight,
  • feeling down and tired,
  • and not having enough energy for the things that really matter in your life.

That doesn’t have to be your story.

We help busy mums like you take good care of themselves.

Join our Program:
Self Care Boost

We’ll help you lift your engery and maintain your health with ease

“I learned to cope with Stress in positive ways!”

Instead of gaining weight during the winter holidays, I actually lost one or two pounds. I learned some ways to deal with stress and worry, not by using food as comfort, but by using positive thoughts, meditation, and other tools to stop reacting poorly to stress. I also learned ways to cope with cravings.



When YOU’RE taken care of
        you feel good about your SELF.

You have more

                  to be present, positive and upbeat with others.

You’re EMPOWERED to get things done
          for your family, at work
                     … and for the world.

But you’re so busy
taking care of others.

Who is going to make sure you take care of yourself?


“Hi I’m Luci Gabel.”

I own and operate LuciFit, LLC, a company that helps executives, entrepreneurs, moms and otherwise busy people create sound and lasting fitness and health habits, both online and in-person.

After spearheading two start-up businesses, holding senior-level management positions at high-end fitness club/spas, and acquiring two masters’ degrees at the same time all while maintaining peak levels of fitness (to include acing a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and competing in triathlons) I speak from experience when I teach clients how to be healthy even while over-scheduled and juggling many things at once. In my courses and programs I share a unique perspective on business, busy-ness, and what it takes to stay healthy.

“Hi, I’m Diana Siepmann.”

I’m the creator of and I help Mamas ROCK for their Children and for Themselves! Being a full time mum of two young children and running a home-based business, I learned the hard way how important healthy food is for a healthy body.

I’ve been through a very rough patch health wise and managed to turn things around with making healthy food choices. For me, healthy food only works if it’s fast to prepare and delicious too. I’ve developed a system that allows me to fit healthy cooking into my busy life and am now sharing my insights with other mums (and otherwise busy people). From my own experience I know: you can only really rock for your children when you look after yourself too!

With our guidance and support, you can cruise through life feeling light and energized, lose your baby weight, and become your own, biggest champion for health and vitality.

You’ll get our 5-week Self Care Boost plan (adjustable to your schedule) including supportive tips and motivation in a flexible, private, online platform.

“Effective Cravings Exercise”

I learned some effective craving exercises that helped me to recognize if I was actually hungry, or if I was perhaps tired, bored, cold or thirsty. I also began to meditate again and take some time to relax each day. After the class I felt re-energized, renewed, inspired …



In this series we’ll help you to:

Listen to Your Body
Hear what your body really needs regarding food and energy, and strengthen your ability to take the best care of yourself – from the inside out.

Tamp Down the Stress
Practice simple, at-home rituals that’ll bolster your energy, support and sustain you so you can be at your best.

Get Wise to Sweets
Be in control of what kinds of sugar you eat, when, and how much, so you can satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising your alertness, energy levels or weight.

Take Charge of Your Enegry
Eat foods that sustain your stamina and plan your busy days for success. As an extra bonus, we’ll show you how you can attend parties and enjoy the food without throwing your healthy diet out the window.

We’ll help you…

lift your energy
manage your stress
and find your healthy life balance


In addition to our coaching and support you’ll also get the following gifts from us:

  • Private membership to the Self Care Café, our private Facebook forum where you can chat with the group, share ideas, celebrate successes, and get lots of support
  • Five wonderful relaxation excercises that will help you bolster your energy, support and sustain yourself
  • Four 30 minute exercise videos to help you fit movement into your busy schedule
  • Tips on how to be efficient and effective in the kitchen so you can fit more healthy cooking into your busy life

And we might just help you create some healthy habits that last a lifetime.
That’s invaluable!


Join at our introductory rate: just €72 ($97)

“Peer Support Helps to Stay Motivated”

Before I joined the class, I had already started looking for more healthy ways of eating, exercising more often and taking better care of myself in general. But it was very good to hear through the different classes that I was on the right path. The meditation and workout videos allowed me to vary my routines, which in turn helps to keep them more interesting and stick to the schedule. It is also a great help to be amongst people who have similar goals and interests. It surely helps to stay motivated when you know others are doing the same thing.



Join at our introductory rate: just €72 ($97)


Money Back GuaranteeIf you’re on the fence, don’t worry.

If you fully participated in the program and don’t feel you’ve gotten any value out of it, we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.


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