Baby sign language and what it can do for you …

Do you wish you knew what your baby is thinking?

Baby sign language makes it possible

Learn this fun and easy way to communicate with your baby and enable your little one to share with you exactly what she wants, needs and is interested in. Baby sign language, used effectively, will help you

  • feel more relaxed and confident about your parenting and
  • reduce frustration for you and your child.

Watch my 11 month old daughter communicate with baby sign language!


I bet the moments when you most wish your baby could tell you what she is thinking are those when:

  • Your baby is crying and you have no idea why (you have checked the most obvious possible reasons twice already but baby is still crying) you are worried, feel helpless and your stress level is rising or
  • Your baby is complaining about something and you are finding yourself in yet another guessing game trying to figure out what she might want or why she is not happy

Wouldn’t it also be wonderful if:

  • Your daughter could simply tell you when she is hungry, tired, hurt herself or needs a nappy change
  • Your son could share his thoughts, tell you what he likes and what he doesn’t like, what upsets him and what makes him angry, what makes him laugh and what scares him
  • You had a way to read your baby’s mind not only to avoid frustration, stressful situations and guessing games but also to be able to build a strong relationship because you understand him

Baby sign language

I have compiled some wonderful signing anecdotes told by mamas from around the world in my free e-Book Wanna Rock for Your Baby? 12 Compelling Reasons to Sign with Your Hearing Child.

Babies can construct language in their head from as early as 9 months of age. Did you know that? The thing is the complex musculature and sufficient control over the vocal cords needed for speech develop much later (a 3-word vocabulary is average for a 15 month old toddler). What does develop at about the same time as the ability to construct language is the ability to communicate with gestures or signs. Babies of deaf parents have done it for decades, your baby can do this too!

I have had a passion for communication ever since I was a baby. My mum tells me that I started to speak when I was only 9 months old (this is unusually early and I was called the talking baby as a result). From my mum I also know that up until then I was a very grumpy baby. Language opened the world to me, so it is maybe not surprising that I chose a career in marketing communications. When my son, Tristan, was born in 2008 I realized that 10 years of professional experience in communications were worth very little when it came to my baby.

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