I love you

Today my baby girl and I were lying on the sofa together, Briana sleeping on my chest. I closed my eyes for a while and let my mind drift. When I opened them again I found Briana’s little hand shaping a perfect ‘I love you’. Of course she had no way of knowing as she’s not even five months yet but it still gave me a wonderful feeling of connection.

Tristan, who will turn four in two weeks, and I still sign ‘I love you’ to each other for example when I drop him off at school and he is waiting in line with his class mates ready to go inside. It’s our secret language and he does not have to feel embarrassed about it :-). Last Sunday my husband drove Tristan to my parents in Germany and I waved them off as they were leaving in the car. I waved and signed ‘I love you’; he waved and signed ‘I love you’ too. Oh I just love these moments.

Diana and Tristan signing 'I love you'



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