Baby sign language and what it can do for you …

When I heard about baby sign language I knew this had my name written all over it. I introduced my son to baby signing with incredible success. He spoke 6 words and actively used 32 signs with only 12 months. At the age of two he was fluent in his two primary languages (German and Dutch) by which time he had also developed an impressive English vocabulary. He hardly ever cried and has always been able to express himself very well. This experience and my desire to find a more meaningful path professionally led me to the decision to share my method of using baby sign language effectively with other mamas. I taught live classes until my daughter was born in February 2012. Her birth and my desire to reach more families around the globe, were the reasons to launch my baby signing e-Courses.

At 13 months my daughter had developed an active vocabulary of about 60 words (a mixture of spoken words, signs and a combination of the two). The average vocabulary of a two year old is 50 words.

Here is what 2 mamas say about my first baby signing e-Course Understand Your Baby’s Thoughts – 5 Simple Signs that open the Door to Your Baby’s Mind:

Thank you Diana for this wonderful course! I found the audio recordings were great for listening to in the car and on my phone… Truly portable and time saving! I’m also happy to report 9 month old Miguel has learned to use 4 signs during this course! It took much longer for my older son to begin signing and I think UYBT was a big factor in this. Keep it up, this is a great resource!

Sandra, mama of Miguel

My 13 month old daughter and I loved the online Understand Your Baby’s Thought course! It was full of interesting information, fun activities and a structured easy-to-follow approach for a working Mama to learn signing with her baby. Thank you!!

Deirdre, mama of Giulia

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